Understanding The TriAngle Training of Brazilian Butt Lift Workout

brazilian butt lift triangle training

Who wouldn’t want that legendary Brazilian body? All those curves and mainly that beautiful butt are something most women think they can only dream about. However, it is time to wake up because thanks to Leandro Carvalho, we can now all take part in the Brazilian butt lift workout.

This amazing and unique workout is based on tried and tested methods, with a twist, to make it more fun and unique. It combines dance with cardio, creating a workout that will make sure your booty looks tooshy from every possible angle.

Best of all, the butt lift workout will also make your hips smaller, give you better looking thighs and lift that booty, giving you the “bum bum” or “boom boom” you have been dreaming about. You will have your body bikini ready in no time at all.


Who Is Leandro Carvalho?

Leandro is a native from Brazil and now known the world over as “the Butt Master”. He was a ballet dancer and holds degrees in physical training. He developed the Brazilian butt lift workout for Victoria’s Secret supermodel Allesandra and the workout has taken the world by storm. Supermodels from all over the world now create their perfect “bum bum” (which, by the way, is Brazilian for booty) thanks to his workout. They use it whenever they want to look perfect for that lingerie photo shoot or perfect runway show. But it isn’t just for supermodels. Women from all walks of life can take part in the butt lift workout. It is for good reason that Leandro is known as the Butt Master, because your booty will look better than it ever has before, regardless of the condition it is in now. No need for dangerous surgery or expensive padded clothing. With some hard work and a lot of fun, your body will look absolutely amazing.


How Come the Brazilian Butt Lift Workout Is so Effective?

Not only does the workout sound like a lot of fun, it actually is a lot of fun. Best of all, the Brazilian butt lift workout offers fun with results. This is because it utilizes the TriAngle Training method, a system developed by Leandro himself. The TriAngel Training method, as the name suggest, works the three major muscles that are found in the butt. The three muscles combined are known as the glutes, but they are the gluteus medius, the gluteus maximus and the gluteus minimus.

Through his exercise program, the hips are made smaller, the thighs are slimmed and the butt is lifted and shaped. According to Leandro, it is all about working the angles the right way. Through the TriAngle Training, the muscles in the butt are worked from all different angles. This includes the hamstring, a core muscle that is too weak in many people leading to frequent injuries, and the heads of the muscles. The heads are the part of the muscle that are attached to the pelvic bone. The pelvic bone, in turn, supports the top and bottom part of our bodies. It is by strengthening all of these muscles that women can develop those curves and lift they all crave after so much.

But there is one thing that makes Leandro’s Brazilian Butt Lift workout and his TriAngle Training method so different. This is that although you will lift, tone and firm, the thighs do not get bulked up. By working the different angles, you ensure that you only work on the muscles in your butt in terms of bulking them up, whereas all the other muscles simply become firmer and fat is burned of problem areas.


Why the Brazilian Butt Lift Workout Is Different to all Other Workouts

In the past, women had to make do with exercise machines or traditional butt exercises. The problem with these is that they only worked on a single muscle each time and they only work from one specific angle. By using the TriAngle Training method in the Brazilian butt lift workout, you will actually work on every single inch of your butt, tightening and toning it in the process. Best of all, because it is combined with cardio exercises, the rest of the body starts to burn off fat, leaving you leaner. Your butt will get smaller, but much firmer and in a much better shape. And, because it is lifted, it won’t look like a small butt at all, but rather like a perky, perfect derriere. You will work all three of the glutes at the same time with the TriAngle Training method. Besides this, you will also work on your saddlebag area and your thighs.

As a result, your booty will be more compact and more curvaceous. Your thighs will be far slimmer and your stomach will be flatter. You will finally be able to look at your profile in a changing room mirror and think, quite rightly so, that you look amazing. And you only need to check out the responses from any man standing behind you to know that the exercise program is working for you.


Brazilian Butt Lift Workout and Other Programs

There are quite literally thousands of fitness and exercise programs out there. As a result, we have become distrustful of these programs. So what makes the Brazilian butt lift workout different? First of all, it is the only program of its kind that focuses solely on the butt. Indeed, other problem areas do slim as well, particularly if you also follow the diet and meal plan that comes with the program, but it is designed solely at shaping up your booty. Secondly, the TriAngle Training method is absolutely unique and is not offered by anyone else. The Brazilian butt lift workout has been positively reviewed by thousands of women, and supermodels like Alessandra absolutely swear by it, which is surely the best review you could ever wish for. Leandro knows what he is doing, as he is trained and educated in this field. Besides that, he is Brazilian himself and if anyone will know about the amazing Brazilian butt, it will be him.

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