Brazil Butt Lift Workout Explained

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Brazilian Butt Lift WorkoutWho doesn’t want that perfect, beach ready body? So many of us thinking that the only way we will ever be able to achieve that body, however, is by opting for plastic surgery.

For those who are unable to afford plastic surgery, there are all sorts of clothing products available, such as the booty tooch pants, padded jeans and bras with chicken fillets.

However, although these may give some sort of a temporary solution, they don’t actually do anything for our bodies. And at night, when we take them off, we once again look like the person we don’t want to look like at all.

“If you want to be able to look your best, without dangerous, expensive and painful plastic surgery, and without using wardrobe tricks, the Brazilian butt lift workout is for you.”

We all know that the only way to have a fantastic – and healthy – body is by eating healthily and working out regularly. In fact, health experts have told us that once we are over 30, we need 30 minutes of vigorous exercise five times a week, just to be able to maintain our bodies. If you want more than just a well maintained body, add the Brazilian butt lift workout by Beachbody to your regular exercise program.


The Brazilian Butt

Brazilians are known to have beautiful curves and women all over the world want to have these same curves. Interestingly, it seems that Brazilians don’t have some sort of hidden secret to looking so curvaceous, they are just naturally shaped this way. However, that doesn’t mean that the rest of us, who aren’t lucky enough to be born this way can’t achieve it through hard work and exercise.


Target of the Brazilian Butt Lift Workout

The workout focuses specifically on the glutes. The glutes is a collective name for the gluteus maximus. There are three main gluteal muscles in the body, and the glutes are the largest. They are the muscles that form our buttocks. Altering the shape of the glutes, in other words, alters the shape of our butt and that is precisely what the Brazilian butt lift workout does.

The glutes are what keep us erect, which is the big difference between us and all the other primates, who are essentially still walking on four legs. The glutes love toning exercises and with the Brazilian butt lift workout, you will make your butt look fuller, bigger and beautifully lifted.

The moves in the workout truly provide all the difference in the world. Once we reach our physical peak, in our mid twenties, it is all downhill from there, as they say. We age and we becoming a lot less active. As a result, our glutes loosen up and start to sag. This is because it is such a big muscle and it has so much mass.

Through the Brazilian butt lift workout, you will expand your glutes outwards and upwards. This makes the muscle very strong and will help you to reverse those sagging buttocks. Naturally, you have to be ready to put in the work. Exercise is always going to be hard work, but the results are fantastic and most certainly worth it. Besides this, the Brazilian butt lift workout isn’t such hard work that it is only suitable for those who spend all their time in the gym. Anybody can do this.


When to Do the Brazilian Butt Lift Workout Exercises

In order for the workout to be effective, you need to do the exercises around four times each week. You also have to give your body a day of rest every once in a while. You may want to use this day to tone different parts of your body. The Brazilian butt lift workout, in other words, is not too tiring in as such that you have to put your life on hold just to be able to do your exercises.


What the Brazilian Butt Lift Workout Does

The workout makes a real, noticeable impact on the shape of your body and it enhances all your natural curves. Besides this, the Brazilian butt lift workout burns a fantastic amount of calories. This is because it works with the largest muscle groups, which requires a large amount of calories. The workout works on your thighs, both inside and out. It also targets your quadriceps, your hamstrings, your obliques, your calves, your lower back and your abdominals.

You do have to be balanced in order to perform the exercises, but they are designed in such a way that you can modify the individual exercises slightly so that it works on your own personal baseline of balance and agility. You do, however, have to pick the most difficult exercise that you can do while maintaining your perfect form. If you sacrifice the form, your workout won’t be effective, so don’t push yourself past your own limits.


How Fast Does the Brazil Butt Workout Show Results?

If you stick to the routine and do it as regularly as possible, you will see a real difference in about two weeks. Remember that the Brazilian butt lift workout burns a whole lot of calories. Add a healthy lifestyle to this and the difference will be unbelievable and very quick.

The exact amount of calories you burn will depend on your:

  • gender
  • starting weight
  • how fit you are
  • how much you exert yourself
  • what you lean muscle mass is
  • a whole bunch of other variables.

However, a single routine will burn between 280 and 380 calories. Remember, however, that this workout is not simply a weight loss routine, but a routine to help you tone, lift and firm. Your body will look amazing. Here’s just one example of the results achieved:


Does the Brazilian Butt Lift Workout Really Work?

The name of the workout comes from the fact that in Brazil, the larger a woman’s butt is, the more attractive they are. The Brazilian butt lift workout promises that your butt will look sexy, firm and toned. The big question for many is, however, whether it really works. After all, there are so many other workouts on the market that promises similar results that we have collectively become skeptical of any new program.

The Brazilian butt lift workout has been tried and tested by everyday women. These aren’t fitness fanatics who already have a fantastic body and spend their lives living on a single carrot a day. Reviews have come from real women, real women who are committed to making a change in their body, but who are realistic enough to know it is hard, women who will watch their diet, but won’t resist the occasional little chocolate cake treat.

It is very reasonable to expect that in the first week, you can lose five pounds and four inches of your body. Truth be told that a large proportion of these inches are water weight as well as bloating, but that is where we all have to start. The average woman lost more inches during the second week, but her weight will remain stable. This is because she will start to really build her muscle tissue and muscles are a lot heavier than fat tissue. So, the scales are not going to be accurate indicator of how well you’re doing.

However, your clothes and the mirror are going to be your best friend, and what woman wouldn’t like to be in a situation where they can actually enjoy seeing themselves in the mirror?

During the third week, there may be some moderate weight loss as your body really starts to burn off the excess fats. More inches will be removed from the body too. One thing that makes the Brazilian butt lift workout so great is that most women who start on a month long program tire of it after the first two weeks or so. With this workout, however, it becomes a habit and remains enjoyable to do every day, particularly with the day of rest factored in. Because the results are so noticeable, the burn of the workout is something women actually look forward to.

There is no such thing as a miracle workout, which is another thing that makes the Brazilian butt lift so great. They don’t promise you will look like Jennifer Lopez overnight without lifting a finger. What they do promise you, and it is a promise they make good on, is that you will be tighter and more toned, that your stomach will get some real definition, that you will notice your cellulite a lot less and that your butt will look absolutely amazing.

Most women who have done the Brazilian butt lift workout for the required month decide to stick with it and keep going. It becomes such a part of everyday routine that it becomes second nature. And before you know it, you will have that beach ready body too.


Examples of the Brazil Butt Lift Workout Exercises

exerciseAll of this sounds really interesting, of course, but what is really expected of you? What will you be doing during your half hour of Brazilian butt lift workout?

There are lots of different exercises and although they are hard work, they are also a lot of fun. And, of course, the results are amazing which is motivation in itself.

Example exercises:

The touchdown exercise: this is based on a range of common movements that you will see in many other workout programs, only with a few twists here and there to make it more effective and more fun. With the touchdown exercise, you start by squatting. You then take a really long, stretchy step backwards, creating a lunge. By doing this, you combine the benefits of the squats (inner thighs and butt) and the benefits of the lunge (muscles at the back and front of the legs and your butt).

The explosive lunge: this exercise is based on plyometric training. You start in a lunge, jump up in the air and switch legs when you are in the air. Land in a lunge with the opposite leg stretched out. Plyometric training is recommended by some of the world’s biggest sports medicine experts. It is a great way to work out, but also to strengthen your core muscles. This means you will be less likely to suffer an injury and your overall athletic power and speed will increase.

The towel squat: you basically place a towel on the floor and place one foot on the middle of it. You then use the towel to help that leg slide outwards, at the same time bending the other leg. You then draw the leg back in and repeat a number of times, before swapping legs. This is an excellent exercise for increased strength and balance.

A lot of the exercises in the Brazilian butt workout are based on slides and lunges. These strengthen all the muscles that lead from your butt to your legs, which mean you won’t just be toning up your butt – the ultimate goal – but you will also get shapelier and stronger legs.

The donkey kickback: this is designed to work on the glutes, but also to strengthen your hamstring, a common muscle to get injured. You start by being on the floor on all fours, supporting your body with your knees and hands. You then lower your body, so you are resting on your elbows. Then, you extend one of your legs straight back, hold this for a few seconds before bending your knee at an angle of 90 degrees. Then, you flex the heel on that leg and squeeze your muscles (the hamstring and gluten) as hard as you can. Continue by pressing your heel upwards and repeat that fifteen times. Lower your leg back down and repeat with the other leg.

These are just a few examples of the exercises that will allow you to build that amazing Brazilian butt. The Brazilian butt lift workout is there to help you achieve this in just 30 minutes a day, with a day of rest in between as well. Results will start appearing in just one week, with a four week program to help you look your absolute best.

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